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Why does everything need to change?
Some people call it progress...some people like it...some people hate it... But, why does everyone feel the need to change things.  Even if there is nothing wrong with whatever it is. Nothing seems to stay the same for any amount of time anymore.  You cant get ahead in a decent career because there is new shit coming out every 6 months...and people are being trained on stuff that is going to be obsolete in a year or two.  Why doesnt someone invent something that will be around for 50 years and teach people that...All this "green job" stuff is such bull shit in so many ways.  I mean, i like the environment as much as the next person...but come on, we aren't going to run out of oil.  They just say that so the oil companies can make 3+ dollars per gallon.  Anyway...if you read this, you were probably bored as hell. but thanks...i was venting i think. Go ahead and comment.


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